Orchard & Nuttery

We planted our orchard and nuttery comprising 81 trees over the course of three days in January 2022, with the help of Martin Hayes of the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust and his team, plus more than 100 local people. All tree planting was funded by the Forest of Avon. Planting included:

- 69 fruit trees (apples, cherries, plums, crab apples & pears) planted on a mixture of vigorous rootstocks (M25 and equivalent) and semi-dwarfing rootstocks (MM106 and equivalent).

- 12 nut trees (various hazels).

As you can see on the plan we planted an avenue of cider apple trees and cherries and then several concentric circles of fruit trees and a standalone circle of nut trees. We have numbered all of the trees with permanent tags and the varieties are listed below.

Apples: Somerset Redstreak, Sweet Alford, Yarlington Mill, Stoke Red, Ten Commandments, Spartan, Blenheim Orange, Ashmead's Kernel, Red Windsor, Worcester Pearmain, Discovery, Newton Wonder, Herefordshire Russet, Lord Lambourne.

Crab apples: Butterball, Evereste, Gorgeous, Robert's, John Downie, Red Sentinel, Harry Baker.

Pears: Conference, Concorde, Williams' Bon Chretien, Louise Bonne of Jersey.

Cherries: Black Oliver, Summer Sun, Stella, Sunburst.

Plums: Shit Smock, Victoria, Winterbourne Magnum, Radley Blackjack, Blaisdon Red.

Hazels: Red Filbert, Webb's Prize Cob, Butler, Filbert Cosford, Lang Tidlig Zeller, Hall's Giant.